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Paprika chicken (in a cup) Paprika chicken with pasta Mushroom sauce with pasta Peas soup with bacon (gluten-free) Tomato soup (gluten-free) Goulash soup (gluten-free) Metro Dessert (Moccacino) Potato dumplings (Grandmas) Mixture for lemon slices Syrup (orange) Syrup (elder flower - no sugar) Syrup (raspberry - sugar free) Syrup (blackcurrant) Peach-passion fruit (sugar-free) Extra jam (blackcurrant) Extra jam (rosehip) Extra jam (red currant) Fruit spread (apricot) Pastry icing (extra dark) Pastry icing (dairy) Plain corn flour Sugar cubes (Bridge) Sugar cubes Spread with oyster mushrooms Dipped peanut wafer with filling... Hazelnut wafer with cream fillin... Semi-soaked milk wafer (Celihope) Corn Pillows (Lemon) Corn Pillows (Cocoa) Coconut dipped wafers (Celihope) Wafers with lemon flavor (Celihope) Ready thick (gluten-free) Lemon filled biscuits (Diabeta) Half-Dipped Cocoa biscuit (Diabeta) Strawberry Wafer (Diabeta) Coconut wafers dipped (Diabeta)
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